We believe in mainstreaming sustainability.

It's not about early adopters or a select group anymore. It's about all of us.

Our online products leverage smart digital technology to make it much easier, convenient and satisfying for anyone to integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives.

Announcing SmartGardener.com The first in our series.

Smart Gardener is a new SaaS productivity tool that enables enthusiastic gardeners to easily design, grow and harvest a successful organic vegetable garden.

Smart Gardener is uniquely positioned to give *consumers exactly what they need to easily grow their own healthy, organic vegetables. Smart Gardener is built with proprietary IP and delivers consumers highly personalized tools and garden plans based on key inputs including geo-location and household size. Our service is also differentiated by a complex weather mapping algorithm, an extremely rich database of over 500 plants, as well as ecommerce to purchase the best organic seeds available online.

* In 2010, 14 million new households joined the existing 55 million to grow their own food. Garden Trends Research Report, 2010


Smart Living Studios, LLC is a company in the northern California Bay Area founded to build a new breed of digital products that make a positive and tangible difference in peoples lives.

Kristee Rosendahl, Founder, CEO and Product Designer

Kristee Rosendahl has spent the last 26 years working across product development, user experience, design and management to build innovative new digital products and applications.

In 1985, she pioneered the field of User Experience as the co-founder of Apple Human Interface Group and from 1986 to 1991, was one of the principal designers of the Apple Multimedia Lab in San Francisco.

During her career, as CCO, VP of Product Development, Director, Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, and Manager, she has designed and delivered products across multiple media platforms and multiple channels while helping to define the new role of designer in these new and unchartered fields.

She has brought unique perspectives, as a key member on executive management teams, to product vision; building and managing teams based on the early integration of user experience, creative, engineering, business and marketing.

Kristee has developed several ground-breaking models for community, digital interactivity, revenue generation and branding on the internet while at Purple Moon, Harcourt Education, Apple and with clients like Microsoft, Cheskin Research, SFMOMA, Playskool, Motorola, and the BBC. Some of these products received the Codie, MC ICON, American Center for Design, Cindy Gold and Silver Medals.

Prior to SmartGardener, Kristee ran her own consulting firm, KR Studio, LLC, helping very early stage start-ups with customer strategy, product development, user experience and initial design.

She holds two patents; one for a method of rotating a three-dimensional icon and the other for a user interface system and method for traversing a database.

She graduated from Stanford University in 1977 with a BA in Graphic Design and went on to do extended studies at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.


Please contact: Kristee Rosendahl support@smartgardener.com 707 548 7167


Smart Living Studios, LLC, was founded in 2009, after 3 years of research and development by its founder, Kristee Rosendahl.

In 2006, Kristee moved to a 300 acre property in Sonoma County to enable her to pursue a more "hands on" lifestyle of sustainable food gardening, reviving an old orchard for hard cider and beekeeping. Her endeavors, Big Dream Ranch LLC, now provide fresh vegetables to local restaurants and honey to retail stores.

All this while trying to run a consulting business meant she wanted to both enjoy her time outdoors while being efficient and successful with the results.

Frustrated every weekend about what to do in the garden, she resorted to reading hundreds of gardening books, designing spreadsheets, and spending hours online. Further frustrated with those results, she began building the first prototype in 2006 of what would become Smart Gardener today. While refining it, she spent time with lots of gardeners and wanna be gardeners who confirmed to her that there was an eager market out there wanting to be successful at growing tasty healthy food.

During this same time, she saw a larger trend emerging - an increased desire and need to reclaim personal self-sufficiency on both a personal and social level. Smart Living Studios, LLC was created as the publisher of a variety of titles addressing this need.